We structure Ideas, Problems & Challenges in order to help you on your path to healthy growth and prosperity.
Our assignments span from rapid initiatives to multi-year product developments. We help our clients to filter structure out of their data, clarify and refine their vision, foster allignment over departments, and inspire their customers with world-class applications and services. Our services are delivered around three core activities:

1. Analysis

Asses the size of the task at hand. Get the right people into the team. Create a common understanding. Gather information and find blind spots in the analysis.

  • Assessment of Business Requirements
  • Research Competition
  • Expert Opinion
  • Strategic Vision
  • Evaluate Architecture
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Setup

2. Structure

Create blueprint for solution. Craft processes for real life scenarios. Align solution team. Refine Details. Make solution look easy.

  • Product Design
  • Information Design
  • Specification
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Business Plan

3. Delivery

Develop in quick iterations. Involve the customer. Iron out problems. Optimize, Test, Optimize even more. Make the customer happy. Minimize Risks.

  • Development / Production
  • Asset Creation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Optimization

These basic steps are the building blocks for all our projects. We do believe that all elements of our solutions need to be aligned to the main goal and serve a purpose.
We work with companies and projects of any size. Our customers range from small NGOs to multinational companies. We are a small company but have a solid network of experts in all areas. We exclusively assign consultants with a proven track record to our projects. If you want to know more do not hesitate to contact us.
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Dr. Gregor Murth

After his PhD in business administration Gregor has worked for several international consultancies. Aside from his deep knowledge in accounting, tax and controlling, he has developed a deep understanding for innovation processes. Ever since the internet has transformed our ways of information gathering he has been fascinated by the emergence of new technologies and the resulting opportunities to redefine businesses.

Xing Profil Gregor Murth

Barbara Preissecker

Barbara is a media expert working in close contact with the business units of our customers. She likes to deliver precise work and to lead teams through complicated deliveries. She has worked for several large publishing houses and managed large events for NGOs and non-profit organizations. Barbara cares for the fine print while still keeping an eye on the bigger picture.


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We use best of breed tools to support our work. Here are the direct links to the log in panels for projects and customers using our tools.

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